Cllr Gill Pettitt

Gill joined the council in

Gill is a member of the following:

  • Staffing Committee - Chair
  • Finance & Scrutiny Committee
  • Queen's Platinum Jubilee (Temporary) Committee
  • Environmental Working Group - Chair
  • Strategic Planning Working Group
  • Local Authority Reorganisation Research Group

Cllr Pettitt's Register of Interests

About Gill:

We've been asked to provide an interesting nugget of information … well: I am, unwittingly, a collector of slippers; carry inordinate numbers of rocks and pebbles with me to each new home; and cannot do anything without two pots (yes pots!) of tea inside me!

I have a varied work history, from Co-operative Housing in London; building a rented housing management system; Bristol Mind; Hypnopsychotherapy; and supporting people with learning disabilities.

Having trained in the arts I continue with artistic pursuits, knitting, sewing and generally prefer to make rather than buy, which more recently is focussed on reducing plastic by making household products and herbal balms. Volunteering is a big part of my life, currently with the Wells & Mendip Museum.

I have two beautiful girls: a daughter and granddaughter.
Deciding to move from the depths of Devon five years ago, luckily, the first dwelling that caught me hook, line and sinker was here. I have led an unconventional, nomadic life, living across England and Wales, but I have now arrived where I want to stay. I hope that I can contribute to making sure St Cuthbert Out remains the beautiful place that it is for all of us.

01749 938104

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