Cllr Jenny Baker

Jenny was elected to the Parish Council in 2015.

Jenny is a member of the following:

  • Finance & Scrutiny Committee.
  • Staffing Committee.
  • Queen's Platinum Jubilee (Temporary) Committee.
  • Environment Working Group.
  • Jenny is a member of the Police And Communities Together (PACT) Scheme.
  • Jenny is also the Horrington Primary School Community Governor.

Cllr Baker's Register of Interests

About Jenny:

I was born in Bristol and lived there until I finished at university , married and became a teacher. At this point I lived in Sussex , spent twelve years as an English and Drama teacher in two large comprehensive schools , one in Newhaven and the other in Lewes.
Then I became the Head Teacher of a private school which expanded to larger premises finally amalgamating with Temple Grove Preparatory School where I worked until official 'retirement' Following that I returned to English teaching on a part time basis and my last job as Head of Sacred Heart School at Chew Magna for two years . (The premises had been sold by the Catholic Church to developers and doubt about the long term future caused the school to close despite the efforts of staff and parents)

Nine years ago I remarried and moved to West Horrington.
I have two daughters in Sussex and four grandchildren, and a son and two grandchildren in Portland Oregon whom we visit as often as we can.
I always enjoyed producing school plays and spending time with young people as I enjoy their spontaneity and zest for life.

Now I help assess stories for children entered in the Wells Literature Festival competition by aspiring writers ,and am Treasurer of Mendip Ladies Group.
The Old Police Station
Bath Road
West Horrington BA5 3EB
01749 679225

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