Cllr Jenny Henderson

Jenny joined the council in May 2011.

Jenny is a member of the following:

  • Planning Committee.
  • Parish Footpaths Working Group.
  • Jenny is also a member of the Coxley Memorial Hall Committee.
  • Jenny is Chair of the Coxley Community Land Trust.

Cllr Henderson's Register of Interests

About Jenny:

I was brought up in Hertfordshire, at school in Cambridge and university in London, where I read Theology but I failed my finals so could not become a secondary school teacher as planned. Instead I worked as a secretary/book-keeper in London being the breadwinner while my husband trained for the Probation Service. We escaped from London eventually in 1995, having felt homesick for 15 years, when our third child was nearly 4. We came down here because my parents had already retired to near Crewkerne; also because both our daughters wanted to be cathedral choristers. That's how I became involved with the cathedral and started on a job I still do 23 years on: looking after the choir vestments. I used to help a lot in our children's primary schools, and I did all the class music at Coxley School for a couple of years..

We are also very involved in Coxley Church. Now that my husband is retired our chief preoccupations are running our holiday cottage, and working with nature on our 2 acres of "garden" – orchard, grazing, fruit and veg, experimental wild bits, lots of trees and hedgerows. We hope to travel when Covid permits. I cycle locally when practical, I'm passionate about safe paths and my favourite holiday activity is walking. I am looking forward to when choir can start again. I am a Trustee of Coxley Community Land Trust, keen to get Coxley hub up and running but it's going to be a lot of work.

I stood for SCO in 2011 because there had not been a contested election for at least 35 years and it was time for change. The council is very different now, as the current councillors have between them the most amazing array of skills, experience and enthusiasm.

Harters Hill House
Harters Hill Lane
Coxley BA5 1RD
01749 671006

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