Cllr Joe Joseph

Joe was co-opted to the Parish Council in June 2022.

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About Joe:

I grew up in Sussex, was commissioned in the RAF in 1979 and served in all sorts of interesting places. Including operations in the South Atlantic in 1982 and Iraq in 2003. My early career was spent in air movements (airborne trucks) but I went on to specialise in defence environmental policy. We first moved to Glastonbury in 1998, when I was posted to the West Country. Since then we've bounced around the county, living in Cannington, Mudgley, Ashcott and Crickham, before returning to Glastonbury in 2018 (near the most Western edge of St Cuthbert Out West Ward).

My 'second career', from 2004, found me lecturing in the Agriculture, Countryside and Food department at Cannington College, before joining an environmental consultancy. Alongside 'the day job', my wife and I took up sheep breeding. Our Wiltshire Horns grazed the Tor for a while but we have now specialised in native Portland Sheep. I'm now semi-retired / self-employed, keeping busy on the land, whilst still delivering environmental training courses, from time to time.

Covid lockdown gave me the impetus to get more involved with our local community and with the Co-operative movement. In particular Co-operative farming, fisheries and food policy. I'm really enthusiastic about finding creative solutions to the problems we face in our rural community. And I'm delighted to be able to serve on the Parish Council. It's such a great place to live, with such great people and so many positive things to work towards.

Avalon Estate,
Somerset BA6 9AA
01458 834693

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