Cllr Kian Sullivan

Kian joined the Council in September 2022.

Kian's membership of Committees and Working Groups is to be confirmed at a later date.

Cllr Ryan's Register of Interests can be found here.

About Kian:

I grew up in South Africa, but I moved to the UK with my mother in february 2021 and we have settled down here in the absolutely beautiful Somerset.I am currently studying my A-levels in Politics, History, English literature and Drama and plan to study History at university. I joined the council because ever since my mother and I moved here the people have been nothing but kind and I see this as my way of giving back to the community. I am also extremely passionate about politics and government and this provides me with an outlet to be directly involved, despite how young I am.Additionally, by being a part of this council I am giving my friends and the other young people the opportunity to have their views presented and brought to the forefront. However, do not let my young age and inexperience take away from my abilities, I put careful thought and consideration into everything I do.

21 Union Street,
Somerset BA5 2PU
07799 806071

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