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Your Parish Councillors

St Cuthbert (Out) Parish Council has 4 wards - North, South, East and West. There are 17 Councillors representing these 4 wards.

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Your other Local Elected Representatives

Mendip District Council

Cllr Lucie Taylor-Hood is the District Councillor for Wookey and St Cuthbert Out West.

Her ward covers Godney and Wookey.


Mobile:07585 507245

Cllr Mike Pulllin is the District Councillor for St Cuthbert Out North.

His ward covers Burcott, Coxley, Easton, Green Ore, Haybridge, Lower Milton, Polsham, The Horringtons and Wookey Hole.


Phone: 01749 673665

Cllr Nigel Hewitt-Cooper is the District Councillor for Croscombe and Pilton.

His ward covers Croscombe, Pilton, North Wooton, Dinder, Dulcote, Worminster and part of Launcherley.


Phone: 07702 190518

Somerset County Council

Cllr Mike Pullin is the County Councillor for the Mendip Hills.


Phone: 01749 673665 or mobile 07885 372447

Cllr Graham Noel is the County Councillor for Mendip West.


Phone: 01458 860408 or mobile 07774 882271

Member of Parliament

James Heappey MP
House of Commons

By email:

  • Constituency office, by telephone: 01749 343255
  • London Office, by telephone: 020 7219 4289

Constituency address: 10 Broad Street, Wells, BA5 2DN

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