Easton, Somerset ('east farmstead or village')

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EASTON, a tything, in the city and union of Wells, hundred of Wells-Forum, E. division of Somerset; containing 273 inhabitants. Here is a church, which is in the gift of the Vicar of Wells.

a steep lane leads from the main road downhill and past a small triangular public space called The Green.

Knowle Lane, leading past The Green in one part of Easton.


The Easton Wildlife group coordinate a variety of environmental initiatives, as well as participating in the Greener Villages fund of the Parish Council.

Their point of contact is Diana Newington diana.mnewington@gmail.com

Raised Beds Project at Easton Village Hall

Woodland Project at Easton Jubilee Playing Field

volunteers kneeling and working around the turf-cut areas

The planting begins!

volunteers kneeling around the beds primed for planting

Hard at it - project volunteers get busy

The Easton Wildlife Group, working with SCO Parish Council, has developed over the last year a woodland project to enhance the playing field in Easton, both in terms of the children's experience and of improving bio-diversity. The idea behind the design is to encourage children to explore an area of wildlife planting by following grass paths winding around six coppices of native trees.

The wildlife area is bounded by a hedge of double planted saplings including dogwood, hawthorn, hazel, rowan and birch, all chosen for their year round colour and source of food for birds and small mammals. Each coppice contains a similar mix of trees with the addition of wild cherry, crab apple and downy birch.

The Wildlife Group was able to tap into The Woodland Trust's nationwide project to plant millions of trees to support the 2050 carbon net-zero target and our application in July for 320 trees was successful. Following the removal of turf in October, the saplings were planted the second weekend of November. The next step is to mulch the areas with wood chip to suppress weeds.

This is a long term project with many possible developments: once the hedge is established there will be the opportunity to "lay" in the traditional manner; hazel can be coppiced to encourage dormice; children may like to build bug hotels. The ideas will grow with the trees.

a group of volunteers pause for a snapshot

Socially distanced of course...

aerial shot over the section prepared for planting with earth shapes amidst the turf

So smart!! The designated beds for trees, from above

Latest Pictures, Spring 2021....

A view across the section showing clearer areas where mowing creates pathways

The copse pathways starting to stand out...

A wider view of a spiral pathway mown into the grass.

A spiral effect of mowing to create pathways

And Summer, 2023...

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