Electric Vehicle Charge Points

As nearly half of all carbon emissions in Somerset are generated by fossil-fuelled road transport our environment group is encouraging the switch to electric vehicles by identifying local sites for public charge points.E-cars take longer to fuel up than fossil cars but they can be charged while unattended. Typically this happens at owners' homes but the growing public network enables users to top up while shopping, working or visiting local attractions.

This is particularly important for out-of-county visitors due to e-car range limits. It's why we have identified Wookey Hole Caves as a key site for a charge station. The more of its tens of thousands of visitors who go electric the less pollution they generate by getting here. But they need somewhere to recharge before the journey home!

Charge points in public places also help people with no private parking at home to go electric. Take up is rising rapidly with drivers switching for both economic and environmental reasons. E-cars are far cheaper to run than conventional cars but potential switchers can be deterred by gaps in the charge point network. Hence the group's work on identifying suitable local sites.

Last updated: Mon, 07 Dec 2020 15:07