Frequently Asked Questions

Can the public take part in meetings of the Council?

It is now regarded as best practice for councils to have an agenda item where members of the public are permitted to put questions to the council. This is best placed early on the agenda and should have a time limit of no more than 15 minutes.

How can I participate in remote, online council meetings?

In line with emergency legislation, parish council business was authorised to be conducted on line from April 2020.

To participate, search for the relevant meeting on the council meetings calendar. Click on the meeting you wish to attend, and open the agenda. The remote meeting details are shown on Page 1.

If you wish to speak at the meeting, please send a short email to notify the clerks, or click on 'Contact Us'.

Where do parish meetings take place?

Full Council meetings rotate around the 4 wards under normal circumstances. The relevant buildings for meetings are Wookey Hole Village Hall and Easton Village Hall (North Ward), South Horrington Cricket Clubhouse (East Ward), Dinder Village Hall (South Ward) and Coxley Memorial Hall (West Ward).

Planning meetings are held at Coxley Memorial Hall, unless a specific planning application has a lot of local interest in another ward. Under these circumstances, we would try and relocate the meeting to be more convenient for residents.

Asset Management and Finance & Scrutiny meetings are usually held at Coxley Memorial Hall, but please do check the agenda beforehand.

Where is St Cuthbert (Out) Parish?

The parish surrounds the city of Wells and includes a number of large villages and smaller hamlets.

South Ward covers Dinder, Dulcote, Worminster and Wellesley.

West Ward covers the villages of Coxley, Coxley Wick, Upper Coxley, Polsham, Burcott, Launcherley and Southway.

North Ward covers the villages of Easton, Wookey Hole, Upper & Lower Milton, Rookham and Haybridge.

East Ward covers Green Ore, West Horrington, East Horrington, South Horrington, Chilcote and Masbury.

Follow the link to the Parish Maps page.

It does not have a parish office.

Could I become a Parish Councillor?

When a vacancy arises, you are welcome to put yourself forward and make a short presentation to the Council as to what you hope to achieve and what skills you may be able to offer. Please contact the Parish Clerk for further details.

You should live in, or within 3 miles of, the parish.

Currently, there are no vacancies and all wards are fully represented.

Can I apply for an allotment?

There is one site of 50 plots at Wells Road, Wookey Hole. There is a waiting list for plots, and priority is given to residents within the parish.

Please contact either clerk to register your interest.

Last updated: Thu, 31 Aug 2023 23:09