The Mendip Hills AONB

The Mendip Hills is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and its custodians are the Mendip Hills AONB. Much of St. Cuthbert Out lies with the Mendip Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), including the popular visitor sites of Wookey Hole, Deer Leap and Ebbor Gorge.

The AONB as a whole covers nearly 200 square kilometres and is billed as 'a wild land ready for adventure.' Activities include walking, riding, climbing, caving and cycling both on and off roads.The area is rich in wildlife and contains many nature reserves. There is also an industrial heritage, especially that of lead mining dating back to Roman times.For more information, including downloadable walking guides and other leaflets, please visit

The Parish Council have a Councillor representative in the organisation, and planning recommendations are circulated to them.

Please visit the AONB's own website for detailed news, campaigns and activities

Mendip AONB within St Cuthbert (Out) Parish. Please see below for a navigable map.

Mendip AONB within St Cuthbert (Out) Parish. Please see below for a navigable map.

Articles & Newsletters

  • Hedgerows of the Mendip Hills (PDF, 608 Kb)

    The Mendip Hills AONB Service are looking to help farmers and land managers to increase the length of native hedgerows across the area. Since this time last year, the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme has funded 2400 metres of hedgerow planting, and hundreds more metres have been funded for management like hedge-laying. Read more...

    Article by Megan Godley, Mendip Hills AONB, September 2022

  • Protecting Grassland with Grants for Farmers (PDF, 435 Kb)

    Many grasslands have been lost across the UK, primarily due to overgrazing or the addition of chemical fertilisers, which have pushed out the colourful wildflowers.

    Farmers and landowners in this parish can help to strengthen the remaining grasslands on the Mendip Hills.

    Article written by Megan Godley of the AONB, June 2022.

  • Drystone Walls of the Mendips (PDF, 724 Kb)

    The Mendip Hills AONB Service want to support farmers and landowners to restore their drystone walls in the unique style of the area.

    The Farming in Protected Landscapes programme has already supported two projects with a specific focus on the restoration of drystone walls.

    Article by Megan Godley of the Mendip Hills AONB, July 2022


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