Planning Applications

Planning Applications are discussed by the Planning Committee which meets on Wednesdays every 3 weeks.

Agenda (and Minutes, once the meeting has passed) are shown in the Calendar of Council Meetings. Simply click on the meeting in the calendar. The Agenda for the forthcoming meeting is published 3 clear days prior to the meeting.

You can also search for previous Agenda and Minutes here, adding the 'Planning' tag in your search.

Whilst the Parish Council considers and comments on all applications affecting the Parish, the Local Planning Authority is Somerset Council from April 2023, who determine most decisions on applications. Members of the public are encouraged to take an active role, by both joining planning meetings and commenting on the Planning Portal.

Larger Housing Development Applications - Recommendations by St Cuthbert (Out) Parish Council

Please find below Planning Committee recommendations for larger planning applications within the parish:-

Extended recommendations on specific planning applications

Some applications that are considered by the Planning Committee have a number of reasons for refusal. These reasons form an Annex to the standard Minutes, due to their size.

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