Unitary Somerset from April 2023

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New Somerset Council, from April 2023.

What do I need to know?

Unitary Somerset Council created 2 levels of local government, rather than the 3 that existed previously:

a) the County

b) Parish, Town, City and Borough Councils.

There are no longer District Councils such as Mendip, Sedgemoor, South Somerset or Somerset West & Taunton, so you may need to know what services the new Unitary Somerset Council is providing.

Somerset Council's homepage can be found here, and the directory of their services as a poster can be seen below.

How does Somerset Council look after local communities?

Being a Unitary, and geographically large, authority, Somerset Council understands that local communities should feel involved, empowered and represented in local decision making, community development and pride and community spirit.

Local Community Networks are a significant aspect of this and will begin to work to nuture, shape and advance local communities across the entire County, with parishes, towns and cities working together.

LCN Handbook

The handbook, compiled by Somerset Council, includes Terms of Reference, Chair and Vice Chair roles/responsibilities, meeting procedures, an LCN map, plus parish listings. It can be viewed HERE.

LCN Meetings & Agendas

Please find below the invitations, meeting links for online attending and agendas for Wells & Rural LCN Meetings.

Facts & Figures about the Wells & Rural LCN (LCN 4)

Wells & Rural Local Community Network - Area Map.

Click on the map to take you to Census 2021 Information about the LCN.

Wells & Rural Local Community Network - Area Map.

Click on the map to take you to Census 2021 Information about the LCN.

The LCNs of Somerset Council

Somerset Council Community Access Points

  • Somerset Council Customer Access points provide assisted digital access to our online services and virtual meetings.
  • In these locations customers will be able to use our online services supported by the staff in those locations, in the majority of case this is library staff who are well trained in providing digital support.
  • Customers will also be able to bring in documentation to be digitally uploaded and sent to the appropriate Somerset Council team.
  • Customers will also have direct access to the Customer Service team through our virtual environment. Through this platform they will have access to each of the area customer service teams who will be able to give advice and support our customers.

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