Cllr Simon McCoy

Simon joined the Parish Council in August 2023.

His Committee membership(s) will be added soon.

Cllr McCoy's Register of Interests

About Simon:

I live in the hamlet of Worminster with my wife and three children.

We moved to Somerset in 2019, after many years living in different places, including Mozambique, Vietnam, Scotland and Luxembourg.

We really enjoyed living in different countries, but it felt like time to stop moving around quite so much and put down some roots in the beautiful county of Somerset.

I work for the UK Foreign Office as an economist. My work centres on how the UK invests in, and provides aid to, developing countries, mainly in Africa and Asia.

In my spare time, I like to be outdoors as much as possible, spending time with my family, cycling and walking and pottering in the garden. A particular passion of mine is the game of squash which I have played since I was young.

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