Cllr Pablo Foster

Pablo was elected to the Parish Council in May 2015.

Pablo is a member of the following:

  • Planning Committee
  • Finance & Scrutiny Committee
  • Asset Management Committee
  • Staffing Committee
  • Environmental Working Group
  • Neighbourhood Plan Working Group
  • Fingerposts Working Group
  • Planning Reform & Consultations Working Group
  • Local Authority Reorganisation Research Group

Cllr Foster's Register of Interests

About Pablo

Arrived in Somerset from Edinburgh in May 1986 to take up a post at COOMBE LODGE, Blagdon, to offer Management Training courses for H.E., F.E. and Adult Education. Later switched to Training for the N H S, introducing Appraisal Training for Medical Staff. Kept up work for Overseas Development Agency, with 3 Year Projects in Zambia, Egypt, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Previous experience: National Service in Malta with RAF, learned Maltese and trained Maltese Radar Operators. Read English at Balliol College Oxford, then spent 4 years as a Lecturer in Libya, where I learned Libyan Arabic. From 67 -70 I trained TEFL teachers at the University of Leeds and the University of Birmingham. From 70-76 I wrote and illustrated textbooks for the Arab World, in a joint British/ Ford Foundation Aid Project, hosted by the Tunisian Government. Learned Tunisian Arabic…From 76 to 86 I lectured at the University of Edinburgh then became a manager with the Scottish Council for Community Education, producing materials for people in long-stay hospitals, prisons, and itinerant Travellers. Latterly we produced learning materials for new migrants.

Hobbies have tapered off from cycle racing, to an electric bike, from painting in any medium to drawing on an iPad, from writing books to reading them. I have been married twice, accrued five children, 8 grandchildren and 3 step grandchildren, all dispersed throughout the UK, Europe and the US. My current interests are maintaining democracy in Somerset, resisting central Planning Policy, and finding electric buses for the villages in SCOP. Am blessed with a loving wife and her productive garden.

2 Farmers Joy Cottages
Old Frome Road
East Horrington BA5 3DW
01749 677443

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