Cllr Jane Walker

Resilience Officer

Jane joined the council in 2017.

Jane is a member of the following:

  • Emergency Planning Group
  • Environmental Working Group
  • Local Authority Reorganisation Working Group
  • Parish Footpaths Working Group
  • Jane also sits on the Coxley Memorial Hall Committee
  • Jane is a member of the Police and Communities Together group (PACT)

Cllr Walker's Register of Interests

About Jane:

I settled in Somerset in 1996, and moved to my present home in Coxley in 1998. My three daughters attended Coxley Primary School, Wells Blue School and Strode College.

I worked in the events industry, until 2015, when I retired to concentrate on my writing. Since then, I've published two books on practical resilience. The second is particularly relevant these days, as it deals with growing your own food and managing household stores! I'm using the current situation to spend time working on a novel I began to write some years ago, though I'd rather be exploring the country by train (I don't drive any more).

I was co-opted onto St Cuthbert's Out Parish Council in January 2017, having been involved with local politics for some years. My main field of expertise is emergency planning. I was often at Silver Command level while organising outdoor events, building good relationships with the responsible authorities and emergency services.

I love travelling to foreign countries, and always make an effort to learn some of the language before I go, especially the word used for 'thank-you'.

2 Harters Close
Coxley BA5 1RE
01749 679530

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