What factors influence our level of health?

It's a much bigger picture than healthcare...

These determinants include political, social, economic, environmental and cultural factors which shape the conditions in which we are born, grow, live, work and age. Creating a healthy population requires greater action on these factors, not simply on treating ill health further down stream.

The first infographic shows the extent to which health is primarily shaped by factors outside the direct influence of health care and invites us to look at this bigger picture. It also highlights the gap of over 18 years in healthy life expectancy between people living in the most and least deprived areas of England – a gap that is explained not by our ability to see a doctor, but by differences in our experience of the things that make us healthy including good work, education, housing, resources, our physical environment and social connections.

More information about 'A Healthier UK Population can be found here, by The Health Foundation

The seven areas of a healthy life

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